Natural juices and nectars
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Apricot nectar 1000 ml


Apricot puree, sugar, citric acid, drinking water

Dry substances, %


Тitratable acidity, %


PH (no more)


Nutritional value, carbohydrates g (per 100 g)


Energetic value, kcal (per 100 g) 




Apricot contains antibacterial and radiation resistant flavonoids, which contribute to the work of blood vessels, pectin capable of driving toxic substances, heavy metals and radioactive elements out of the body, vitamins P, A, B1, B2, B6, antibacterial substances. Apricot is rich in phosphorus and magnesium, which are necessary to the organism for active brainwork. They are rich in micro-potassium useful for myocardium, as well as for increasing the amount of hemoglobin in the blood, which increases immunity of the organism. Apricot is rich in potassium salts (contribute to the strengthening of the heart), calcium (formation of tissues), iron (increase of blood hemoglobin) etc. The most important features of apricot are memory enhancement and active functioning of brain, which contribute to the healthy growth of children.